Theresa Sowinski Has Expertly Managed Legal Affairs For Clients

Theresa Sowinski is an experienced professional in the legal field. Her experience includes working with various government and private organizations. She has handled responsibilities of negotiation, risk management, drafting and editing legal documents as well as regulatory and legal compliance. Theresa Sowinski has worked with dedication and resolve to handle teams of professionals across various disciplines and achieve common company goals. As an in-house legal manger, she has handled various job responsibilities in the commercial sector and worked with team of legal professionals. Her expertise in the legal arena makes her the first choice of companies looking for a reliable resource.

With a solid working foundation in the field of legislation, Theresa Sowinski offers pertinent advice and insight to her clients regarding judicial opinions and predicted action. In past, she has worked for the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”). Here, she participated in the drafting of federal regulations relating to engines and propellers. She worked directly with FAA engineers and responded to industry during Notice and Comment period. Among her professional achievements with the organization, she has been a speaker for International Law Symposium: Recent Developments in Aviation Law. She was August 2002 Chairperson, King County Bar, Aviation Section, 2001-2004. She has also edited and coordinated the Northwest Aviation Law and Insurance Seminar for 2003.

A dedicated professional, Theresa Sowinski keeps herself updated on the latest developments in the field of law. She displays admirable communication abilities on her job and she has represented her clients in front of juries as well as opposing counsel on various occasions. Theresa Sowinski also played an important part in negotiating and drafting multi-million dollar contracts for her clients and she also interpreted complex contractual agreements for her clients. She has worked with federally funded contracts and is familiar with various OFCCP contracting requirements. She also keeps herself updated with the knowledge and information of the FARs and DFARs. A true professional, Theresa is adaptable to organizational needs. She has the ability to work individually or as part of team to advance towards common business goals.

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